Psychotherapy Services

I provide psychotherapy for individuals coping with:

My psychotherapy approach is integrative, though grounded in Gestalt psychology and contemporary Gestalt therapy. I participated in an advanced training group for Gestalt therapy for over 20 years. Gestalt therapy brings a unique and important perspective to the current practice of mental health in that it is based on a model of healthy functioning rather than focusing on psychopathology. Gestalt therapy is humanistic and holistic. Our sessions will focus largely on your here and now experience to help you become more fully aware of old, maladaptive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behavior patterns that rigidly persist and are no longer useful in your present life. The objective, in addition to overcoming symptoms, is increased self awareness, which results in greater clarity and flexibility, and an expanded range of relating to others, as well as increased acceptance of one’s own authentic experience. This creates opportunity for a richer, more satisfying and engaged life free from the blocks of unfinished issues which may diminish optimum satisfaction, fulfillment, and growth. All professional jargon aside, my role as a therapist is to be a collaborative, steady partner in the therapy process. Though the nature of this work is not without hardship or vulnerability, I will help you work through the difficult feelings that may arise with warmth, honesty, and compassion.