Psychological Assessment & Evaluation

Psychological Assessment & Evaluation Services

Psychological assessment and evaluation may provide valuable insight into thought processes and emotions, and the related impact on overall functioning in life. A comprehensive psychological evaluation can assess cognitive, learning, and/or psychological functioning in order to identify related strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations about how to enhance your success in many aspects of life. In my scope of practice, psychological evaluations are conducted to:

  • Clarify psychological diagnoses and level of functioning

  • Identify cognitive and emotional strengths and challenges

  • Assess factors affecting ability to learn and barriers to learning

  • Assess factors affecting gainful employment and barriers to employment

  • Evaluate need for support, auxiliary aids, and accommodations in postsecondary education and/or in the workplace

  • Update documentation for academic accommodations in higher education

  • Provide supporting documentation for SSI/SSDI claims

  • Clarify treatment, education, or case management plans and recommendations

If you are interested in receiving an evaluation, you will go through four primary steps:

  1. Initial contact to discuss services and fees, and to schedule the appointment(s)

  2. Interview with you and possibly with other individuals who have helpful information for your evaluation (e.g. relatives, caregivers, teachers, medical doctors, mental health professionals)

  3. Session(s) to administer evaluation measures

  4. Feedback session upon completion of the report in which the findings are discussed with you and you receive a copy of the report (Please note: In certain cases, if I have been hired by someone other than you–-such as by an attorney or a caseworker–-you may not receive direct feedback or a copy of the report. If this is the case, I will discuss it with you during your initial contact)

  5. Evaluations vary in length and number of sessions required depending on the nature of the evaluation. The length of time the evaluation will take depends on the reasons you are receiving an evaluation and the number of tests we will be doing. The evaluation typically lasts between four and six hours, but may be longer or shorter.